Virtual Skills Camp
Week 1 - July 6-10, 2020
Week 2 - July 13-17, 2020
$99.99+tx / One Week
$169.99+tx / Two Weeks
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  • Zoom software and computer or Ipad
  • A space to train with the ability to follow instruction and demonstration
  • Hockey Stick
  • 4 Pucks
  • Tennis and/or golf ball
  • 4 Cones (If you do not have cones, you can use pucks or shoes)



Hockey Skills (1 hour):

Day 1: Skating technique: Skating stride, strength and power in the lower body.

Day 2: Static skills with the puck, lower and upper body strength, one hand control.

Day 3: Skills with quick feet and agility, core training

Day 4: Quick hands, fakes and deceptions, weight transfer techniques.

Day 5: Stick handling on one leg (Single leg stability), Skills challenges, control 2-3 pucks at a time.

Strength and conditioning (1 hour):

Day 1: Skating technique, body positioning and core strength.

Day 2: Plyometric and power.

Day 3: Speed and agility

Day 4: Full body training

Day 5: Reaction games

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